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Spas: Accessories

Spa Simplicity KitChemicals

Water World carries a wide range of chemicals and fragrances to keep your spa in tip top shape. If you're having trouble diagnosing a water problem, please give us a call. Here are some daily treatment "rules of thumb' to keep in mind:

  • The spa filter must run at least 3 hours per day.

  • Test the pH level and maintain a reading of 7.4 to 7.6. Adjust if necessary with Spa Plus or Spa Minus.

  • Test the sanitizer and maintain at levels of 3 to 5 ppm.

  • The temperature of spa water should never exceed 40C/104F. Higher temperatures can strain the cardiovascular system and could be dangerous.


Easy Brome:  A practical and easy to use sanitizer for hot water, Easy Brome rapidly dissolves to provide effective bromine disinfection without cloudy or insoluble residue in the water. Easy Brome also provides superior oxidation treatment to rid spa water of organic waste.

Bromine Tablets:  A daily sanitizer that controls bacteria and algae. The tablets can be used as a shocking agent, are slow dissolving, and perform well over a broad ph range.

Spa Zap:  A clarifier and accelerator that actively destroys the chloramines and organic residue in your spa water. Spa Zap is an oxidizing and clarifying treatment only that must be used with a disinfectant (Bromine or chlorine). Spa Zap eliminates organic contaminants in the spa water, restores sparkle to the water, and is suitable for all spa surfaces.

Spa Ultra:  Lithium-based granular sanitizer. May also be used as a shock treatment.

Spa Extra:  Slow dissolving stabilized chlorinating tablets. Can be used with an automatic chlorinator or floating dispenser.

Spa 100:  Fast-acting sanitizer with neutral pH. Does not affect water parameters.

Balancing Products

Spa Plus:  Gradually raise pH level of spa water without damaging the spa which helps avoid eye and skin irritation and provides a pleasant relaxation.

Spa Minus: Gradually reduces pH level of spa water. Recommended for hot water use. One of the rare pH reducers available in a liquid form.

Spa Balance:  Gently increases alkalinity level in spa water and helps pH control.

Spa Control:  Increases spa water hardness. The ideal product to prevent and stop corrosion problems.

Spa Skinsilk:  Spa water softener. Helps maintain pH balance while reducing use of chemical products.

Clean & Clear Products

Spa Prolong:  Concentrated cleaner that removes accumulated dirt and grease deposits in spa cartridges. Eliminates residues and dirt embedded in cartridges.

Spa Clear:  Clarifies and adds sparkle to water. Neutralizes suspended particles to have them filtered. Clear has a neutral pH and contains no alum.

Spa Clean:  Multi-surface spa cleaner that removes hard water, rust and mildew stains. Restores lustre and brightness to acrylics.


Spa Stain Control:  Prevents against stain, corrosion and scale. Descaler eliminates precipitation of solids while neutralizing metals. To be used when initially filling your spa and weekly when hard water is present.

Spa Foam Out:  Fast acting solution to eliminate existing foam and to keep it from returning. Compatible with all chemicals used in spa water.

Spa Enzymes:  Natural enzyme for healthier water. Prevents accumulation of residues on spa walls and eliminates chemical odors while improving sanitizer's level and extends the longevity of the filter.


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