Thank you so much Waterworld! We love our new Bullfrog Spa, we are in it everynight! It is absolutely fantastic and helps a lot with body ache's and relaxation!

The Wilson’s

Andrew, thank you for taking the time to explain and review our hot tub options. We are thrilled with our new Bullfrog R7 thanks again!


Thanks to Waterworld and staff! You took the time to help us with our new spa and answer our questions after we got the tub. We appreciate your patience and help,

the Kelly’s

Steve and Andrew, thank you for taking the time with us at last years home show. You spent a lot of time speaking to us and showing us the Jetpack designs and massages on the Bullfrog tub. We are in our A7 every night and we love it,

Paul and Sue

Rub a dub dub we love our new IPG tub! big thanks guys. This is the best purchase I have made in a long time. Nothing better than pure relaxation after a long days work. Can't wait to get back into it tonight!

Kate Murphy

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